One Handed Baking   

The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away. 

The One Hand Merchandise Brand 

Silindile Ntuli 

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Please help Silindile achieve her dream by donating towards a new wheelchair

Recently Silindile’s life has been turned upside down, she lost someone very close to her who was her sole caretaker and now finds herself in more need than ever before, the first goal is to provide Silindile with the gift of mobility which most of us take for granted.

Silindile created her own company, One-handed merchandise brand, which was born out of necessity, the need to keep growing and to sustain herself and her family. 

Seeing someone who is so passionate about overcoming their own adversity inspires us at Digi Africa and we want to show her our support by providing the funds for a new wheelchair.
Silindile wants to show people that even though circumstances might not be ideal, where there is a will, there is a way. Her story encourages us to make sure Silindile gets the help she needs, to help her achieve her goals of financial freedom, a successful career in business, and to help others and spread awareness for those in need.

One Handed Baking (Pty) Ltd 2021/301174/07

The Story of how It all Started.

Back in my school days I was a bit creative, I’d sit and draw cartoons and color them and design dresses, it was more fun and challenging for me, school was a bit too easy. When lockdown started my life was just the same, I was in bed and the house was full, I wanted to make the kids happy and tried baking. That day I realized I was doing something with my hands and it was working out, and it was fun most of all, and it got me out of bed, before I fell asleep that night I was hooked and before long I was making all kinds of cakes with my one hand.

A few months later I decided to register the company and really focus on honing my skill because I realized baking can be my means of fulfilling one of my biggest dreams.

My Aim

My main aim with this has been to help others. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve wanted to help those less fortunate, and after I got ill than need grew, but I was helpless and needed help myself, in fact I still do. After I started baking I realized wait, now I can do something, I can bake free cakes for the local orphanage whenever a kid has a birthday. Lucky for me when I approached Lily Of The Valley they said yes, and I started baking for them November 2020. It’s a challenging commitment because of the cost and my situation, but I love it too much and that is the whole One Handed Baking aim, to help others.

One Hand Merchandise Brand

One handed merchandise brand was born out of necessity, the need to keep growing, to have something that can last and mostly to get myself a wheelchair, I’m trying to raise funds and hopefully afford it so life can be better and working can be easier.

I’m Silindile Ntuli, born in 4 February 1984. I started studying eSankontshe Primary then went to Inanda Seminary, followed by UKZN.

As a child I was skinny and sickly, most illnesses were visible and went away after seeing a doctor, some were a bit extreme, and some I just couldn’t explain them, I knew something was wrong but I just didn’t know what. But I grew up and even reached tertiary, I was doing Bcom Accounting, a big mistake I only realized 4 years ago. One day at school I felt sick, odd and something told me to go home. When I reached Hammarsdale rank I had a massive nosebleed and passed out, lucky for me there was a driver who knew my father, he forgot all about his empty taxi and attended to me and took me home, but by that evening I could barely walk. Family did everything, went everywhere but illness kept complicating, this was back in 2004, today I am better than I was, but I am mostly in bed or wheelchair. I pass out several times a day and that makes it difficult to live a normal wheelchair life.

2015 I lost my mother, and that was and still is hard to live with, she was about to build the family home here in Sankontshe Hammersdale, so we (my siblings and I) decided to do it. I knew most work had to be done by me because my sister had recently bought her own house and she needed to fix it too, so I started thinking what can I do to earn money in bed? My amazing Inanda Seminary friends had recently bought me a laptop because they knew I had a writing passion, I decided to use it to teach myself how to code, and surprisingly I got very good at it, so good I was once featured on an American coding podcast.

My coding aim was to quickly make money and after joining some job websites I was able to make websites for their customers, and we were able to build and finish mama’s house. After than I continued learning, focusing more on Android development, I want to create apps step by step I will get there. My first app is almost complete, it’s a learning app for kids.

My life has changed from what it was, now I don’t just sleep in bed aimlessly, I sleep and write poetry, I’m working on a novel, I code, and then I sit on my chair and bake.

Life doesn’t always go our way, but we find ways to accept what is, to adapt, to evolve, to turn our situations into something good.