Consulting & Audit Serivces

Business Audit Services

Reformation & On-going Management Support
Public Image/Brand Consulting 

Offering an ongoing advisory service for business advice and systems introduced by us. Optimization protocols and Directional conferencing (decision making & situational strategy advisor. Brand Development Strategies, Business Reviews, Personal Branding & Public Image Audits. Business Strategy & Management – Starting a new business? Purchasing a business or selling your own company? We assist you with all matters in regards to proper procedure, proposal agreements and conceptualization of ventures, offering financial and legal consultation. Digital Africa Group outside the box thinking when it comes to starting up businesses. We identify different avenues and explore all our clients present and future opportunities.

Digital Audits & Consulting Services 

We establish whether your current digital infrastructure meets the latest industry standards. We work directly with many companies and freelancers in the digital world to ensure we can always accommodate our client’s needs, giving them complete piece of mind. No matter what the digital requirements are, we have the solutions for you.

Specialized Tax & Accounting Services

A comprehensive tax and accounting service managed by our subsidiary with over 25 years experience in the private and public sector accounting industry. Specializing in tax related issues in South Africa and public sector audits our team has you covered

Business Advisory – Registrations,Reformation and Restructuring  


– Brand Development
– Company Registration and  Services
– All Tax related registrations including vat

– Reformation and Restructuring of business procedures and operations

– Remote consultations and external/internal analysis of company practices

– Performance Reviews and Marketing Strategies

– Business Start Up Advisory Service 

Comprehensive Website/Digital Design

– Whether you need a basic single-page website or a large E-commerce store, our web development team has you covered

– With dedicated and hands-on experts, any type of Digital Design & Creation is possible, Imagination is the limit

– Mobile Responsive, functional Websites that serve a purpose defines what we do, but keep in mind we can create anything from mobile apps to custom CRM solutions

– We manage every aspect of your digital infrastructure
– Takealot product registrations and management 

– E-commerce stores and ongoing support & management 

Corporate Identity Restructuring 

– Corporate Identity Restructuring

– Brand/Identity Reviews and Remodeling

– All Corporate Identity Related Design and Branding

Company & Business Profiles 

– Company Profiles

– Business Profiles

– Proposals and Application Design and Reviews

– Document Review

Digital and IT Solutions  

– Network Infrastructure & Installations

– IT Hardware

– Fixed and Wireless Internet Solutions

– Cloud Storage

– Remote Surveillance, CCTV and Access Solutions

– Advanced Security Solutions

Procurement Solutions

– Strict Vetting Process for Consumers & Suppliers 

– Head Hunting and Recruitment Service

– Tenders, VCC and Product Procurement Support 

Social Media Setup & Management 

– Social Media Set-up & Overhaul

– Social Media Management

– Social Media Streams – Affiliates, Influencers & Platform Integration

– Social content creation and marketing specialists

– Paid Advertising and Campaign/Competition Management

Digital Africa Group

We aim to stimulate and innovate, revenue-generating opportunities that support and empower youth entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa.